"Best Children's Mask in 2022"

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Mamask Sports - Most Lightweight and Breathable

Light Weight Collection

Made with 100% Cotton.
Lighter & easier to breathe in warmer areas!

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Breathe easy. Designed for life, wear it with love.

Mask Necklaces

Perfect gift for active children and families to secure around the neck when resting their ears or taking a breath of fresh air.

Adjustable Fit

Flexible nose tip and adjustable silicone stoppers on the ear band keep the mask secure while minimizing external transmission.

Copper Ion Fabric Filters

Double-layered, innovative textile solution combining cotton and copper ion fiber for powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial & deodorizing benefits.

Washable & Reusable

Sustainable solution to protect our environment. Mamask's fabric masks and filters are washable by hand and reusable.

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